VISTA, XP, Windows 7 & Windows 8 USERS:

If you are unable to use the QuickTime Movie Player to operate Virtual Pose ®, we highly recommend you install the extremely user-friendly QTVR viewer by DevalVR. To get the viewer, please click on the logo below, or follow this link:

Or visit this page: and click on the link provided at the very bottom. Please note: the Deval Player is discontinued, which means no new versions will be introduced. However, the legacy version work just fine. If you're unsure, please REGISTER and download one of our many free samples to test your setup.

Where applicable, to print in DevalVR, simply export the image you have onscreen (it will be saved in its original pixel size) then open that saved image and print.

As far are rotating the pose: It is similar to using the QuickTime Movie Player.
As far as Zooming and dragging the image while in Zoom mode we received this message from the DevalVR headquarters:

The default keys are SHIFT for zoom-in and CTRL for zoom-out. You can use A and Z (or Y) to change the zoom as well. The Y key is used in German keyboards because the Y is in the same place that Z in English keyboards.

You can move the image if you select the "manual movement" tool in the toolsbar (left-bottom corner). If you press SHIFT+CTRL you can drag the image with the mouse as well (QT has this behavior too in Windows).