From the Desk of Mario Henri Chakkour

VIRTUAL POSE ® Privacy Statement, July 3, 2002


The Big Picture.

In plain English: StudioView Interactive, LLC., the owner of Virtual Pose ®, does not distribute, sell, or share ANY personal information submitted to it via this web site's registration form(s), or email communications. Basically, the information is jealously guarded. In other words, we discuss statistics (x% percent male, y% female, etc.) or, we may include actual quotes from letters. But, under no circumstance will we reveal the identity and personal information of the author without their permission (unless of course, the person posted a review online and was kind enough to mention who they were.)

"Why gather information?"

Well, for one thing, we need to know how well Virtual Pose is doing—first hand. Remember, we don't publish it ourselves and we have no other way of knowing what you want, like, hate, etc.

Plus, we need to build a grand picture of the demographic in order to position future products.

From time to time you might receive a Newsletter/announcement from me directly. That's it.

Warm Regards

Mario Henri Chakkour

(c) 1999 StudioView Interactive LLC. All rights reserved.