Virtual Pose ® 2 users operating Mac OSX without OS9 are still able to launch each pose, tutorial movie—and even music file— outsisde of the user interface using QuickTime® Movie player. The interface can be seen in the book on pages 78 and 79.

TO LOCATE, LAUNCH and PRINT a pose movie:

Basic Instructions: Locate your QuickTime® Movie player, open any pose you like right off the CD (Each pose is a stand alone QuickTime Movie® ",, etc.) or, do a visual scan of the directory and double click the files that are named,, etc. This will launch QuickTime® movie player and your pose. Once the pose is displayed, rotate at will and select "File/Print". That's it.

Advanced Instructions: First, let's talk about the anatomy of Virtual Pose ®: It consists of a multimedia presentation which plays back (for the most part) QuickTime movie files (typically with the ".mov" extension) right off the CD. In other words, each pose is in essence a standalone QuickTime movie. There are 54 such movies. There are numbered thusly:,, then, and so on... until we reach In essence, the first number denotes the ROW, the second denotes the COLUMN. The letter "T" (just in case you are wondering) is for "Thumbnail." Still what row, and which column am I talking about? Glad you asked: I now refer you to the book. In the beginning, do you see that matrix which shows all the poses neatly laid out? The top left corner is (for example), the one right next it (on the same line...or row) is etc. Now that we understand the relationship of the nomenclature to the matrix in the book we can proceed: Find and launch the QuickTime Movie player (which comes standard with the CD-ROM, and is part of the QuickTime extension Download...In other words, anybody who has ever downloaded QuickTime off the Virtual Pose CD-ROM or off the Apple web site, has (unless intentionally discarded it) a version of the QuickTime movie player. FROM WITHIN the QuickTime movie player, find and launch any pose you like. Rotate to desired view. Print That's it! hope this helps!.

Here are the poses and the corresponding book page number (Please refer to the visual matrix on page 3 in Virtual Pose ® 2)

The TUTORIAL MOVIES are named: (Reference pose: Page 11, first row, middle column)
(Reference pose: Page 34, first row, left column)
(Reference pose: Page 57, first row, right column)
(Reference pose: Page 17, first row, right column)

The music files (for those interested) have names that do not (unfortunately) match the names you see on page 79. To save on programming time, we kept the same nomenclature from VP1.

TO SKIP Intro: Press "S." Now, many have asked me why VP does not recognize that the user has already seen the Intro, and thus jump directly to the poses. Simple: VP does not install anything on your hard drive and thus has no way to know who has and who has not yet seen the Intro movie.

TO ENLARGE POSE ONSCREEN: Here again, using your QuickTime® movie player, open any pose you like and resize to fit your screen.

Warm Regards

Mario Henri Chakkour

(c) 1999 StudioView Interactive LLC. All rights reserved.