The Holistic Drawing Method

The same way a gymnast has to learn dance as well as how to lift weights, the drawer must learn to draw the same subject using dif The same way a gymnast has to learn dance as well as how to lift weights, the drawer must learn to draw the same subject using different techniques, some relying mainly on the left side of the brain, others on the right. These techniques are often mutually exclusive as well...


2005 VIDEO DIARY : A visit to the Auguste Rodin Museum in Paris.
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A visit to the Orsay Museum in Paris (Part 1/2)

A visit to the Orsay Museum in Paris (Part 2/2)



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LIVING SKETCHBOOK™ is dedicated to making the process of visual expression easy and enjoyable to learn!

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For professional and student alike, LIVING SKETCHBOOK™ is the next best thing to attending a live visual expression workshop— and the ultimate guide for amateurs who have no access to visual expression workshop sessions.

Visual expression may include whipping out a quick sketch for a new concept car, drawing cute little bunny rabbits, creating an elaborate movie production painting , rendering a building , cranking out storyboards, cel animating, and everything in between—all before you brew your morning coffee!

Of course, whether using a pencil, ink pen, paint brush, or cordless tablet, the choice of tools is optional.

However, what is not optional, is one's need to visualize and establish a clear bond and communication channel between the mind and the hand, thus promoting a healthy feedback loop where the process is as important as the end product itself.

Experience shows that this is one sure way of enjoy learning for a lifetime.

Being that PERSPECTIVE is a key building block of healthy visual expression, in the first edition of his latest creation —LIVING SKETCHBOOK ™— MARIO HENRI CHAKKOUR tackles perhaps one of the most challenging of subjects, demystifies it, and promotes a sense of confidence — even the courage to brake the rules without showing it!

Therefore, read, watch, listen, and learn as MARIO HENRI CHAKKOUR, the creator of the Virtual Pose ® Series, takes you step-by-step through a journey of discovery which will empower you with a solid foundation and core knowledge—all of which will enable you to capture PERSPECTIVE from a live scene, invent PERSPECTIVE, or even faithfully render an architectural drawing!

Either way, and using the right mix of relevant theory and practice, the process will now be easier because what were once vague or misunderstood concepts are now grasped at an intuitive level.

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